Monday, January 25, 2010

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For those of us who enjoy cooking for ourselves, there is no better place in all of Las Vegas to purchase your meat and poultry. Now I've lived here long enough to accept the fact that FRESH is simply not a word that describes our shipped-in produce and/or any other groceries. But to have an old-fashioned butcher is to start to something beautiful. My grill is impatiently calling for me to light her up!

You simply WILL NOT find any place that serves such fresh meat ( and I mean from choice US beef to Kobe-style to exotics ) or poultry. It's not as if there are any choices to compare this shop to either. They cut to order, order to order, and have a wide variety that no three other shops in town can touch. They're always friendly, have top-notch customer service, and that alone would make them stand out in this valley.

Ah, but what do you recommend, you ask? Well, let me tell you... The ground Kobe sliders will turn you off to any other burger meat that is known to exist. The whole chickens have that thin skin that only implies fresh, non-factory chickens. The selection of great sausages is varied, but they all taste wonderful. And unlike other exotic game sellers, there is no freezer burn to their selection. I actually have list of items I've yet to try that will be tried in my upcoming trips.

The downsides are their location is not user-friendly to me. So I put a hundred and some twenty's in my pocket and make a "every other week" pilgrimage. And their chorizo isn't as spicy as I'd like. Other than that, this is the ONLY choice in this town for your butcher's experience. And even if there were more similar to this place, they'd still shine.

So take my advice, put a cooler in the car, take the trip, and thank me later. Grill lovers awaken! This mom and pop place is A No. 1.

Additionally, they have subs for take out. Try 'em.

Chris W. from Yelp....

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